Like what we're doing and want to lend a helping hand?

There are many ways to help, from financial donation to supplies to volunteerism. Pick your favorite below!

We appreciate you, Sponsors!

Supply Donations

Supply donations are welcome additions to our cause, even used ones in good working order are acceptable.

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Ship supply donations to Artingales, PO Box 441, Gaston, OR 97119.
Or email for pick-up near Forest Grove.

Financial Sponsorship

Financial giving allows the most flexibility for operation, and with Patreon your donations go to providing the free HOPE Project classes to children with a history of abuse. PayPal donations give you the option to choose where your donation goes and we do our best to honor your selection.

Are you in a position to offer ongoing support to children with abusive pasts?
Please consider being an Artingales patron, you can make a big difference with as little as $1 per month sponsorship.


Would you like to make a one-time sponsorship donation to Artingales? Use the PayPal button.
If you'd like, make a suggestion for its use and we'll do our best to honor your wishes.


Still like practicing your cursive handwriting by using checks? Go ahead and mail them to Artingales, PO Box 441, Gaston, OR 97119. Or email for local pick-up.

Volunteer Help

  • •Help with setup and takedown of after-school classes, email us.
  • •Volunteer your space for a full-day or weekend group workshop and you get in free! Get in touch.
  • •Spread the word by sharing Artingales posts on Social Media.
  • •Talk to your elementary school's principal about bringing Artingales in after-school :)