Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle

Your dispensables might be our creative solution

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Check out our list and see if you no longer want something we need :)

Cleaning out your craft room and about to toss or donate some stuff? Just did a painting project but no longer need your tools? No longer making jellies and jams? Maybe we could use your stuff!

We update the list as frequently as we can. Please understand that sometimes we become full up with certain items and will remove them from the list as soon as possible, but may need to decline your donation if we are overstocked. We may also donate surplus to a local thrift/charity.
Thank you!

Art Supplies Household Items Specialty Items Tools & Stuff
bristle or taklon brushes (no stiff plastic) unused plain/clear gelatin glycerin 4" wire cage paint rollers (qty. 20)
leftover AP certified acrylics and mediums empty toilet-paper rolls adhesive backed thin foam sheets (any color)  
stretched and board canvases with no oil based mediums on them and if staples; on back 100% cotton high quality white or off-white fabric at least 6"x6" in size.    
AP certified pastels wax coated paper plates