How does art enhance my child's education?

"Artistic activities engage the young brain and improve cognitive, visual, and spatial processing. They help young minds perceive how systems interrelate, and that problems can have multiple solutions. Research findings show that artistic endeavors improve long-term memory, increase student motivation, promote creativity, advance social growth, introduce novelty into lessons, and reduce stress." Dr. David A. Sousa &Tom Pilecki (source: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/need-to-know/opinion/can-stem-really-succeed-the-answer-is-right-in-front-of-us/16419/)

How are you different from Young Rembrandts®?

Art is more than drawing. We believe in an intercisciplinary approach, therefore teach various mediums. It is also important for students to get time to practice the technique with their own creative ideas, not a scripted sample. Longer classes give the most opportunity for this exploration, but all classes allow artists to produce their own subject or object while still having the instructor for guidance after the lesson.

What if I didn't get the payment page?

If you had any trouble with our payment redirect, you may visit our Square store to try again. Please carefully select the appropriate item as it will not be linked to your specific class. Only pay if you are sure your registration went through. The system will tell you if you already enrolled and attempt a duplicate registration.

What is your refund policy?

Artingales does not offer refunds for services, but you-host and group-workshop registrations may be credited for future use if outlined advance notice is received. Missed classes in After-School, Summer Camp, and Holiday Break Camps are not refundable or creditable. Refunds may be available for physical products such as artwork and card sets if returned in new condition.

Do you have scholarships?

Yes, there are three different scholarships, each with limited availability. Funding is not guaranteed and families may withdraw their registration if a scholarship is not available. Choose which scholarship using the registration drop-down.

Why do you ask for a photo release?

We love to show off your or your child's artwork and working process, and that means we have to have a release. We also like to promote our services through real-life images instead of impersonal stock images. You have the ability to opt-out or partially opt-out in writing.

Why don't you work in Cornelius and Hillsboro?

If you are a licensed business in a nearby city that wants to bring in Artingales, you may be able to under your own license. Currently many surrounding cities require us to go through the entire costly licensing process to operate within them, including in private homes. We may take on the activist movement of trying to appeal to metro to allow a group license for small businesses like ours, but that takes time and effort. If you are in one of the surrounding cities not covered, please email about your idea and maybe we'll revisit licensing in the individual cities.

Why are there different prices for You-Host parties?

The fee listed for You-Host parties is the minimum deposit to hold a party spot and is based on the type of party. For You-Hosts listed as (Ages Vary) it is the least expensive deposit listed, but you should still choose the correct deposit amount from the Square store to ensure proper reservation. Deposits and minimum attendees apply regardless of fee listed.

Do You-Host parties have to be at my house?

No. We can facilitate art parties almost anywhere, including parks, businesses, and meeting venues. However, it is up to the host to arrange proper facilities use permission within our service area, and to ensure adequate seating/working area.