H.O.P.E. Project

Healing Our Past Experiences

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Serving Oregon children with a history of abuse.

Our H.O.P.E. Project is director April's dream of helping kids with a history of abuse find creative outlets for the pain, anger, and confusing emotions surrounding the experience of being betrayed by adults or peers in their lives.

April helps eligible students develop the skills to make art, display it, and show it for sale in a public context. She allows the students a safe place to express emotions often bottled up with no "acceptable" place to go. The 'canvas' is that place.

Since the H.O.P.E. project is a free service we offer through use of our profits and generous donations from grants and our Patreon Campaign, we can provide this opportunity to kids pretty much anywhere in Oregon. If you are a SpEd facilitator, school psychologist, DHS case worker, or Foster Skills Trainer, please email April about the possibility of coming into your school/facility to provide this free service. Save time and fill out the following form.

Inspire Scholarship

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Open to any person experiencing financial hardship.

Any family receiving assistance such as DHS Childcare Subsidy, SNAP, TANF, Medicaid / OHP, etc. is automatically eligible. For other cases, please briefly describe the financial hardship in the special instructions during registration.

The Inspire Scholarship is funded with a portion of profits, availability varies. Limit one scholarship per person per calendar year.

To apply for the Inspire Scholarship please select during registration and provide any qualifiers in the special instructions. If no funding is available, you may withdraw the registration without obligation to pay.

Promise Scholar

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Open to any Black identifying students.

Promise Scholar is funded with a portion of profits. Promise Scholars may attend one session or three individual classes per calendar year.

To apply as a Promise Scholar please select it during registration, no additional information will be needed for eligibility.

FALL / WINTER H.O.P.E. Project Intake Form - At least one program will be selected for free art class(es).
Deadline November 11 Each Year.