First official exchange! Three Three Nine International Print Exchange

If you'd like to participate or are interested in the details, please visit the Three Three Nine page.

The Postcard Project

You may have seen or participated in one of these before, April orgainzed one as a sale to support a local artist battling leukemia. The Artingales Postcard project will help support our H.O.P.E. project that provides free art classes to qualified children with a history of abuse. The concept is simple, repurpose postcards as art canvases for creative work of your choice (within the guidelines) and receive art from other exchange participants in return. We will announce this annual exchange soon, with a due date sometime in February.

Down to Business

Repurposed business cards as mini canvas art exchange. Still fleshing out the details for this one, but after finding hundreds of business cards from substitute teaching, I thought, why not make art on them? This annual exchange will be due sometime in June.

What an Idea! How Artingales came to be.

  • •Drop almost everything and follow a dream
  • •Find a creative way to help kids that struggle in school because of past abuse
  • •Toss around other concepts that will keep the project financially viable
  • •Consult with friends, co-workers, social workers, insurance agents, bankers, and community members about logistics